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About Us

Founded in 2012, DIA Logistics and Transportation Inc is a full-service logistics and transportation services company specializing in Air Transport. Thanks to our strategic partnerships within the transportation sector DIA Inc. provides safe, reliable and comfortable transportation services to  destinations throughout Guyana. Several years of consultation to both local and international corporations have positioned DIA Inc. as a top tier provider of logistical support to the public. We encourage our clients to let us do the hard work and transport them or their cargo anywhere.


Our charter flight service caters to your individual needs. We offer passenger flights to interior locations. One of our current routes include Ogle-Mabaruma. We can build specific flights for our clients whether it be strictly cargo or a mixture of cargo and passenger flights. Other charter flight options include : 

  • Tourist Flights

  • Aerial Surveying and Photography

  • Humanitarian

  • Medivac Charters



When you need to get your personnel or freight from point to point DIA is there to make it happen. We offer varying ground transport options which include but not limited to : 

  • Airport shuttles

  • Point to point cargo transfer

  • Tourist bus excursions 

  • Private bus charters


DIA facilitates the movement of goods and persons by water as well. These services include : 

  • Passenger boat transportation

  • Cargo boat services

  • Tourist boat rides

  • Barge services

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